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Dental Fillings

Do you have a cavity? It’s better to get it treated as soon as possible, as an untreated tooth can decay further and result in more treatment and possibly the loss of that tooth. Fillings are an effective solution for such cases. 

How Do We Help You with Composite Fillings


We offer you composite tooth-coloured fillings that consist of a mixture of plastic and glass. The mixture creates a smooth barrier around the affected tooth. Before starting the procedure, we prepare the tooth for fillings. Our dentist then puts the composite mixture into the hollowed tooth slowly, one layer at a time. A special light is used to harden the layers after each application, which then stay allowing patients to go back to their normal routine quite immediately. We can make these composite fillings match the colour of your teeth for smooth coverage. 


Now Accepting New Patients


At the Essa Dental Centre, we provide the best possible dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. New patients are always welcomed, with convenient evening appointments available. Contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the difference in exceptional dental care today!

Looking for a gentle dentist?

Discover the difference in exceptional dental care today!

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