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Dental Bridges,
Crowns & Veneers

If you’ve got damaged or missing teeth, we’re able to improve your mouth’s overall appearance thanks to the latest advancements in dental bridges, crowns, and veneers.

Which Solution Should You Choose?

Crowns are generally used to cover a misaligned or damaged tooth, while bridges are used to bridge gaps between missing teeth. Often used to cover your tooth’s front surface to minimize the appearance of stains and chips, veneers are bonded to your teeth to correct their shape, colour, length, or even size. Various materials can be used in such procedures, including porcelain and ceramic options, depending on your teeth’s natural colour and your budget.


Looking for a gentle dentist?

Discover the difference in exceptional dental care today!


Now Accepting New Patients


At the Essa Dental Centre, we provide the best possible dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. New patients are always welcomed, with convenient evening appointments available. Contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the difference in exceptional dental care today!

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